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Lunch and Dinner Menu

Prices may vary based on sit down, pick up/take out,
or if you order via delivery services.


All Entrees served with White or Brown Rice,
Except Rice and Noodle dishes.

    Lunch Dinner
76. Tofu Pad Khing Sod  8.95 12.95
  Sautéed fried tofu with fresh ginger, mushroom, onions, scallion in garlic sauce.    
77. Tofu Pra Ram  8.95 12.95
  Steamed tofu and mixed vegetables topped with Thai peanut sauce.    


78. Tofu Pad Pak   8.95 12.95
  Sautéed tofu and mixed vegetables in garlic sauce.    
79. Tofu Preow Whan  8.95 12.95
  Sautéed fried tofu with ginger, pineapple, onion, tomato and scallion in sweet and sour sauce.    
80. Tofu Ob Woon Sen  8.95 12.95
  Steamed tofu, ginger, crystal noodle and mixed vegetables in garlic and ginger sauce.    

Tofu Kra Prow 

 8.95 12.95
  Sautéed tofu with mixed vegetables in chili garlic and basil leaves.    

Tofu Pad Ma Keur

 8.95 12.95
  Sautéed eggplant with tofu, fresh ginger, basil leaves, and mixed vegetables in chili garlic sauce.    

Tofu Pad Ma Moung

 8.95 12.95
  Sautéed fried tofu, cashew nut, pineapple, onion, peppers, and roasted chili.    

Tofu Pad Prig Khing

 8.95  12.95
  Sautéed fried tofu, string beans, mixed vegetables with spicy chili paste.    

Tofu Pong Pang   

8.95  12.95
  Tofu, crystal noodles and mixed vegetables in spicy curry sauce. Made without coconut milk.    

Tofu Vegetarian Curry

8.95 12.95
  Choice of green curry, red Panang curry or yellow Massaman curry mixed in spicy coconut milk with tofu and vegetables.    

Tofu Pad Woon Sen  

8.95 12.95
  Fried tofu, crystal noodle, ginger and mixed veggie in brown sauce.    
88. Tofu Pad Thai  8.95 12.95
  Rice noodles with fried tofu, mixed vegetables and peanut, scallion, and bean sprout.    

Tofu Pad Khi Mao 

8.95  12.95
  Rice noodles, with fried tofu, and mixed vegetables, basil leaves in spicy chili sauce.      
90. Tofu Pad See Eew 8.95 12.95
  Rice noodles, fried tofu and mixed vegetables in sweet soy sauce.    
91. Tofu Lad Na 8.95 12.95
  Rice noodles with fried tofu and vegetables in brown gravy sauce.    

Items in can be prepared from Mild to Spicy.

No MSG is used in any of our dishes.




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  Sticky Rice Pudding (White or Purple)   3.95
  Cheesecake    3.95
  Ice Cream 
Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut,  Green Tea
  Fried Ice Cream (Vanilla)  
Topped with strawberry sauce.
  Fried  Banana   4.95

Fried Banana & Ice Cream                                            




  Coffee   2.00
  Tea   2.00
  Green tea, decaf green tea, jasmine tea, mint tea, chamomile tea, lemon & ginger tea.  


Not all ingredients are listed on the menu. 
Please let your server know if you have any food allergies.

All foods are cooked to order. Please allow time for proper preparation.

Each item is prepared to individual order.

Substitutions will be charged.


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