October 30, 2008


Restaurants of the Year

the rockland magazine editorial staff

What makes a good restaurant? It's a question we debate a lot-especially when we're considering what restaurants to include in our annual food issue. Is it ambiance? Value? Farm-fresh fare? For many of us-some who eat out at least four times a week, others who love cooking at home-it's a combination of several elements, namely service, décor, food, and a certain kind of vibe. Our choices are as varied as Rockland: Some serve ribs, others seafood, Thai, and even kosher. What they all share is good food, good cheer, and a sense of belonging. After exhaustive research (and a few pounds gained), we then compile our notes to give you this: our 2008 dossier-the very best of the best, for your eyes only.



THAI GARDEN Orangeburg

WHY WE LOVE IT It's the most authentic Thai food you'll find in Rockland. The dining room is lovely, with mustard-colored walls and white tablecloths, offering a simple canvas that lets the truly authentic food shine. Plus, there are so many vegetarian dishes on the menu that this is one restaurant that can rightfully call itself vegetarian, even though meat-lovers will be perfectly satisfied, too.

WHAT TO ORDER The green curry is well-balanced-not too hot, not too sweet. The tom kha gai soup has plenty of juicy chicken. And the tofu pad ma keur (an eggplant and tofu stir-fry) is expertly sautéed.

INSIDER TIP Owners Sonia Carden and her husband, Tepbut Sittisawassakul, also own the highly regarded Thai Garden, in Sleepy Hollow.


DETAILS 303 Rte. 303; Orangeburg; 680-6437; thethaigarden.com